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Size Guide for Ultra-Durable Nonstick Saucier

Item Saucier
Surface Nonstick
Fits 2 bowls of risotto
Perfect for Sauces, milk, and boiling small amounts
Diameter 22cm
Length 42.5cm
Height 10.2cm
Weight 0.9kg

Other nice things:

  • Nonstick smooth as silk to make any cleanup a breeze
  • No PFOA, no other toxic, unspeakable things
  • Works nicely with our Medium Universal Lid
  • Works everywhere, even induction

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Effortlessly versatile.

The plan for this pan was to replace our old milk pan, however we have used it for so much more. It is beautiful to look at, extremely light weight and the handle is really comfortable to hold.We have used it on the hob and In the oven and the lid fits perfectly. Absolutely delighted with our new saucier pan.

Elaine Johnson
Perfect pan

The Saucier is the perfect sized pan which can be used for more than just cooking sauces. It’s not too big but has good depth with the perfect shape for stirring. It’s a good weight, feeling sturdy without being too heavy. The handle has a good grip with a soft touch and feels well balanced with the weight of the pan. It’s very stylish and expensive looking and is an absolute dream to clean. This range definitely rivals some of the other well known brands I already own and I’ll definitely be replacing them with more from this range.

natalie bartlett
The pan you will use every day!

This pan is a dream addition to the kitchen, it’s the perfect size, shape and depth to literally cook anything in. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and looks really stylish. I have an induction hob and it is SO difficult to find great quality cookware that can be used on all hob types. Highly recommend. This pan will be used everyday in my kitchen!


Lightweight and versatile. Can meet many needs - boiling, simmering, etc. It also looks sleek and good in the kitchen!

K Tsang
Spectacular addition

An unexpected dream piece of cookware! Just as advertised, very versatile for many cooking needs. I find myself reaching for it more than expected, for everything from stir fry to sauces to soups and boiling vegetables. The size makes it easy to work with, along with the nonstick surface and lightweight/comfy handle. Such a joy. Really looking forward to expanding my selection with more from Accent..!

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