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Designed by Meyer Labs
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Size Guide for Universal Lid

Item Small Universal Lid Medium Universal Lid Large Universal Lid
Surface Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Fits 20 cm Small Stockpot and 16 cm Saucepan 24 cm Medium Stockpot, 24 cm Large Stockpot, and 20 cm Small Stockpot 28 cm Saute Pan, 26 cm Chef's Pan, and 24 cm Medium or Large Stockpot
Perfect for Locking in flavors and speeding up boiling Locking in flavors and speeding up boiling Locking in flavors and preventing splatter
Diameter 16-18-20 cm 20-22-24 cm 24-26-28 cm
Length 21.6 cm 25.6 cm 29.6 cm
Height 3.6 cm 3.6 cm 3.6 cm
Weight 0.3 kg 0.4 kg 0.5 kg
Designed by Meyer Labs
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Other nice things:

  • Tough, quality stainless steel
  • A knob that stays as cool as it looks
  • Patented stacking feature makes it a dream to store

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Marian Gatehouse
So pleased

Needed a lid to fit the middle size saucepan of a set of 3. This lid is excellent, does the job, it actually fits all 3 saucepans. Highly recommend

Clever, but missed a trick

A lid that fits 3 different sizes of pot is a good idea,
but the handle, although apparently designed to avoid conducting heat, is a revolting coppery colour and doesn't go with the lid or the pots and pans. I replaced it with the handle of the old broken lid, which was black so it matched much better.

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Consumer Care

Gorgeous and Great Quality

Got the matching lid for our stockpot and am so impressed with the fit and finish. It’s a great quality lid and looks perfect on top of the stock pot. We really like the accent color of the knob on top.

Does it's job

It's a lid - that's about all I can say! It does what I needs to do; traps the moisture in the saucepan allowing for rice to cook, vegetables to steam, and water to boil. Nothing fancy. It is a universal lid, so it is significantly larger than the saucepan - would have been nice to have a custom lid for the saucepan, but this one has levels and steps to fit the individual pans/pots. Matches nicely with my Meyer saucepan.

Unique lid!

This universal lid is very interesting! I only have one Meyer pot and it fits in the smallest section of this lid. It looks a little weird since the lid is so much bigger than the pot but I really like how convenient it would be if I had more of the same pots and I would only need one lid.

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