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Accent Series

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Size :
28 cm
26 cm
20 cm
Dimensions :
Add a lid :

Designed by Meyer Labs
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Size Guide for Ultra-Durable Nonstick Frying Pan

Item Frying Pan Medium Frying Pan Large Frying Pan
Surface Nonstick Nonstick Nonstick
Fits 1-2 fried eggs 3 fried eggs 4 fried eggs
Perfect for Omelettes, sausages, or one grilled cheese sandwich Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and delicate fish Eggs, bacon, crepes, delicate fish, and sautéing veggies
Diameter 20 cm 26 cm 28 cm
Length 37.8 cm 46.3 cm 48.4 cm
Height 5.6 cm 6.7 cm 7 cm
Weight 0.7 kg 1 kg 1.2 kg
Designed by Meyer Labs
FREE Standard Shipping & FREE Returns

Other nice things:

  • Special, ultra-bonded nonstick, as tough as it gets!
  • Nonstick smooth as silk to make any cleanup a breeze
  • No PFOA, no other toxic, unspeakable things
  • Drip-free rim for super smooth pouring

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Bad service

This pan lost its non stick within around 6 months. I have reached out to customer service but have not received a reply since December. Very disappointing

Hi Alex, We did email you on 1st February asking you to resend photographs as I am afraid these have not been recieved. Once we have photos we will happily assist with your claim. Thanks - Consumer Care

Amazing pan

The non stick on this pan is amazing. Good doesn't stick at all and it’s so easy to clean.
It’s so handy that the sides come up high and that you can also get the lid. It makes it so versatile. I like that the hand is rubber so it doesn’t get hot and it’s not very heavy. I am so pleased with it.

Hi Rhian,

We are so glad to hear how happy you are with this pan.

We hope you have a great time using it for years to come and we appreciate you providing this feedback to us.

Consumer Care

New Favorite In The House

I have a few pans that I use on rotation, depending on the meal. Well, I did anyways... now I have this one and I use it for EVERYTHING! Nothing has stuck to this pan yet - I've cooked eggs, cheese, pork chops, and nothing sticks. I made a 1 pot pasta meal and it did great! It doesn't have a top, which is something I would like to see, but I used aluminum foil and it worked perfectly fine for me. Feels heavy duty, and like it's a pan I'm gonna have for a while. My boyfriend used metal on it, and I see no scratches - which makes me happy. All in all, I love this pan and will hopefully be using it for years to come!

My new favorite pan!

This pan is very worth having in your kitchen. It is non stick, high quality, strong but not too heavy. It has become one of my favorite to use. I love that it also comes with instructions on how to properly take care of it and that it can also be use in the oven. One thing I would say could've been perfect was if it would've come with a lid. But that really isn't such a big deal as they do sale it on it's own. Overall, this is a good, high quality pan that I enjoy cooking in.

Cooks evenly

I love to cook for my family and finding a decent pan is far and few in between. The Meyer Accent Series 10.5 inch frying pan has been a game changer for me. The first dish I made with this pan was shrimp scampi. If I had cooked this in any other pan, the sauce from the shrimp would have stuck to the pan. Not with Meyer pans! Not only do they cook evenly, they clean up nice too. It was a simple clean and I did not have to scrub it. The pan handle does not get hot when using, which is a nice feature. I will be adding more of the Meyer brand to my pan collection.

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