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Accent Series

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Size :
6 Piece Set
Dimensions :

Designed by Meyer Labs
FREE Standard Shipping & FREE Returns

Designed by Meyer Labs
FREE Standard Shipping & FREE Returns

Other nice things:

  • Nonstick smooth as silk to make any cleanup a breeze
  • No PFOA, and no other toxic, unspeakable things
  • A gift on the house: pan protectors to prevent scuffs
  • Works everywhere, even induction

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great Product

I love the Meyer's Spark Limited Edition cookware set. This set of cookware is amazing! I love that they are non stick and can even be used in the oven. The lids are amazing because the ridges allow them to fit different size pots. The colors are awesome also. I would totally recommend this cookware.

High Quality

I am absolutely we owed at the quality of the pits and pans. Not only are these simply aesthetically pleasing but they get the job done effectively. These pots and pans aren’t only extremely sturdy but they are easy to cook in. Each of these pots and pans heat evenly and are easy to clean. Food doesn’t get stuck to the inside and they can even be used in the oven! This is the part that sold me. The one thing I’d change about these pots and pans would be to have holes at the end of the handles so they are able to be hung. The idea of a multifunctional lid is such a great idea and allows for these pots and pans to take up little real estate in my home which is necessary because my kitchen is small and I don’t have much storage. These pots and pans come with felt dividers for when you stack them inside of one another they won’t scratch. I will be purchasing more from this brand!

Absolute favorite cookwear!

I absolutely love this set! I love the colors it comes in, and the pans are perfect size and nothing has stuck! I really think the best part is the universal lids so I don’t have to worry about finding the right lid every time! Plus they stack together so nicely, I have saved a ton of space in my cupboard! I highly recommend!

So pretty

This is such a fun looking set of cookware. The colors are my favorite. It adds a nice fun touch to the kitchen. This is a 6 piece set. 2 pieces of the set is lids. The kids are actually universal and fit each one which I think is really neat. I wish more cookware sets had universal lids like this set has. These are really great quality sets. Honestly the nicest set that I have had. They truly are non stick and handle anything I throw at them. I also really like how easy they are to clean after each use. They don't require a ton of scrubbing. The frying pan is the most used one for me. I use it multiple times a day and it never disappoints!

Great Product!

I really love cooking with my Meyer Accent Series Hard Anodized and Stainless Steel Cookware Essentials Set. I Iike that the set is stackable and saves room in my cabinets. I also like that the heat is evenly distributed while cooking and that they are nonstick. Clean up is easy too which is always a plus!

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